Research & Knowledge Transfer Office reports on our group’s research and its impact on society

Scientific research does not occur in a vacuum. Instead, scientists and society both benefit from continuous and close collaboration. In this manner, new insights and solutions from academia can be directly applied to real-world problems, allowing innovation to be incrementally tested and to positively shape the society in which we live. This is why the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office at the [...]

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Bela Gipp to give keynote at KO:MON Convention 2019

Bela Gipp will give a Keynote at the KO:MON convention in Bremen on September 19th. KO:MON is Germany’s largest industry forum for monitoring and control room technology. Due to the growing demand for intelligent systems in industry, infrastructure, and in many service sectors, monitoring and control tasks are becoming increasingly important. This year, the convention is in its 11th year. It is aimed at both researches who drive innovation of control room technology and industry professionals who apply new concepts in practice. Bela's talk will be titled: "(K)eine Vision – Revisionssichere Abbildung von Anlagen und Prozessen mittels Blockchain-Technolgie". Link [...]

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Bela Gipp to give a talk at ETH Zürich

ETH Zurich's DOI Desk is organizing a full-day event on "Persistent Identifiers in Research" to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) help ensure the discoverability of digital objects on the Internet. For example, the assignment of DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for scientific publications has become a common practice in many disciplines. PIDs have become increasingly important to scientific research. [...]

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German supreme court cites our research in its ruling on dashcam recordings

If you have ever browsed viral videos, chances are, you have come across accident footage recorded by dashcams. Dashboard cameras, or Dashcams, have become increasingly wide-spread among motorists. Especially in countries where drivers are more likely to ignore the rules of the road, or where insurance fraud is common, dashcam videos are a valuable tool for documenting traffic accidents in [...]

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Talk on blockchain technologies at the ‘Bodensee Mittelstand 4.0’ talk series

Bela Gipp will give a talk on blockchain technologies and visions at the event 'Blockchain – eine Kette an Möglichkeiten für Unternehmen' organized by the Wirtschaftsförderung Bodenseekreis and the competence centre cyberLAGO.  

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Talk on the immutable research data trail at conference on Blockchain for Science

Bela Gipp gave a talk about the immutable research data trail at the 1st international Conference on Blockchain for Science, Research and Knowledge Creation held on 5-6 November in Berlin. More information about the conference is available here.

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The eCoach teaching innovation project receives funding from Wikimedia Germany, the Stifterverband, and the Volkswagen Stiftung

eCoach, an abbreviation for Electronic Coding Assigments Checker, is a teaching innovation project initiated at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz. In 2017, the Department of Computer and Information Science provided seed funding to the eCoach project. The goal was to create the eCoach system by extending the open source software Praktomat and to test the newly created [...]

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Our blockchain-based Dashcam App in the news

An article about the Dashcam App in BTC-ECHO based on OriginStamp project. Read the article here. To learn more about the Dashcam-APP, you may want to read our paper that we’ve published in 2016: B. Gipp, J. Kosti, and C. Breitinger, “Securing Video Integrity Using Decentralized Trusted Timestamping on the Blockchain,” in Proceedings of the 10th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems [...]

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Blockchain Innovation: Collaboration with the International Blockchain Competition

Bela Gipp will serve as the University partner for the world’s largest ‘Blockchain Competition’ organized by the Swiss investor group Lakeside Partners AG. The call for entries is now open. Organizers are looking forward to receiving many submissions describing innovative blockchain-based business ideas under the theme innovation for the InsurTech industry, #Blockchain4Insurance. As a jury member, Bela Gipp is tasked [...]

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