Panel Discussion on the Future of Libraries with Prof. Bela Gipp: July 17, 17:00

Join us for an engaging and insightful panel discussion on the modern evolution and future perspectives of libraries. Date and Time: July 17, 2024, starting at 17:00 Location: Paulinerkirche, Göttingen Welcoming Address: Prof. Dr. Metin Tolan, President of the University of Göttingen Panelists: Dr. Anne Lipp, University Library Leipzig Rüdiger Eichel, Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture Prof. Dr. [...]

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GippLab showcases its FPV Quadcopter Technology for Automated Fawn Rescue at IdeenExpo

Our group showcased its research on automated fawn rescue using self-designed, built, and programmed FPV quadcopters at the IdeenExpo fair in Hanover from June 8 to 16. The State Secretary in the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture, Prof. Dr. Joachim Schachtner, was among the many interested visitors we welcomed at the University of Göttingen booth. Those who could [...]

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New SUB leadership: Bela Gipp appointed Scientific Director

The State and University Library Göttingen (SUB) will receive new leadership. Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaufmann and Prof. Dr. Bela Gipp will take over as the Director and Scientific Director, respectively. The Head of Library Operations, Kathrin Brannemann, and a soon-to-be-appointed deputy will continue to oversee the library-related and administrative tasks at SUB. For details, please check this link. Bela Gipp [...]

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Faktor Magazine podcast interviews Bela Gipp

The podcast of Faktor Magazine released an episode with Bela Gipp discussing the opportunities and threats of AI, specifically of AI-generated text, in the context of academic research and education. In the interview, Bela touches on some of his current research topics. He discusses start-ups in the context of academic research and how research questions are generated. Because Bela holds the [...]

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Profile of Bela Gipp and his research group

The recently released 2022 Annual Report of Göttingen University introduces Prof. Bela Gipp and his newly established Professorship for Scientific Information Analytics (GippLab) at the Institute for Computer Science and the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB). In the interview, Bela Gipp discusses the immense opportunities and exciting challenges arising from supporting a world-leading research library like the SUB in [...]

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NDR Synapsen Podcast with Bela Gipp and Norman Meuschke

Bela Gipp and Norman Meuschke recently appeared on the ''Synapsen'' Science Podcast by NDR Info. Alternatively, you can listen to it on the NDR website. The topic of the episode was: Keine Angst vor Künstlicher Intelligenz? The podcast broadly looked at recent AI developments and discussed their ethical implications and the consequences for education, research, and society.  

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Interview of Bela Gipp on the Opportunities and Risks of AI for University Teaching

The local newspaper, Göttinger Tageblatt, interviewed Bela Gipp on the opportunities and risks of AI for university teaching. Read the article here or online.

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Stern magazine reports on Bela Gipp’s inventions with ”Jugend Forscht”

The German magazine, Stern, just published an article about Bela’s research projects and his inventions while participating in the ‘Jugend Forscht’ competitions as a student. The article also describes one of Bela’s earliest inventions, the “GSM Schutzengel”, with which Bela was successful at Jugend Forscht. Here is a copy of the print article and here is an English version: The [...]

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Our research group moves to the University of Göttingen

Bela Gipp has recently accepted a new full professorship at the Georg-August-University Göttingen (Website, Wikipedia page). The new position will be at the intersection of the Department of Computer Science and the research department of the State and University Library (Website, Wikipedia page). The starting date of the new position is April 1, 2022. However, Bela Gipp and his team will still [...]

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