ETH Zurich’s DOI Desk is organizing a full-day event on “Persistent Identifiers in Research” to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) help ensure the discoverability of digital objects on the Internet. For example, the assignment of DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for scientific publications has become a common practice in many disciplines. PIDs have become increasingly important to scientific research. Especially as the scientific publishing industry embraces digitization, the need arises to make referenced works permanently retrievable and interconnected.

The presentations at ETH Zurich will focus on current use cases for persistent identifiers in research, as well as new ideas, developments and initiatives for the future.

Together with other exciting speakers from Switzerland and abroad, Bela Gipp has been invited to present his research on Trusted Time Stamping via the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The event will take place on Friday, 13th September 2019 at the ETH Zurich Library.