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Anastasia Zhukova

Doctoral Researcher

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Anastasia has completed her Engineering degree (Diploma in Information Technology) at Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) and proceeded with her Master’s studies at the University of Konstanz with a focus on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. She compiled her master’s thesis on the topic of Automated Identification of Framing by Word Choice and Labeling to Reveal Media Bias in News Articles.


Anastasia’s research interests focus on two projects: identifying media bias and developing an AI assistant for plant operations. The first project is interdisciplinary research that applies cross-document coreference resolution to resolve mentions with high lexical diversity to automatically identify media bias by word choice and labeling. The second project is an industry project focusing on the domain adaptation of language models, information retrieval and information extraction in the low resource setup.

Anastasia’s prime interest lies in the areas of

  • Applied Natural Language Processing
  • Framing analysis and media bias
  • Cross-document coreference resolution
  • Domain adaptation of language models
  • NLP for the low-resource languages, e.g., German
  • Information visualization

If you would like to collaborate in the areas of text data analysis, feel free to contact me via email.


Anastasia Zhukova

Papendiek 14
37073 Göttingen

Office: SUB Historic Building 0.214

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07/2023 – present

Doctoral Researcher
Chair for Scientific Information Analytics, University of Göttingen, Germany

04/2019 – 06/2023

Doctoral Researcher
Chair for Data & Knowledge Engineering, University of Wuppertal, Germany

10/2015 – 03/2019

Computer and Information Science, M.Sc.
University of Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany

02/2018 – 07/2018

Visiting Researcher
National Institute of Informatics (NII), Tokyo, Japan

03/2016 – 01/2018

Research Assistant & Working Student
University of Konstanz & KNIME, Konstanz, Germany

07/2014 – 09/2015

Senior Analyst
Renaissance Credit Bank, Moscow, Russia

09/2008 – 03/2014

Information Technology, M.Eng.
Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia


  1. Illegal Aliens or Undocumented Immigrants? Towards the Automated Identification of Bias by Word Choice and Labeling
    F. Hamborg, A. Zhukova, and B. Gipp
    in Proceedings of the iConference 2019, 2019 
  2. Automated Identification of Media Bias by Word Choice and Labeling in News Articles
    F. Hamborg, A. Zhukova, and B. Gipp
    in Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL), 2019.
  3. Concept Identification of Directly and Indirectly Related Mentions Referring to Groups of Persons
    A. Zhukova, F. Hamborg, K. Donnay, and B. Gipp, in Proceedings of the iConference 2021, 2021.
  4. XCoref: Cross-document Coreference Resolution in the Wild
    A. Zhukova, F. Hamborg, K. Donnay, and B. Gipp,
    in Proceedings of the iConference 2022, 2022.
  5. Towards Evaluation of Cross-document Coreference Resolution Models Using Datasets with Diverse Annotation Schemes
    A. Zhukova, F. Hamborg, and B. Gipp
    in Proceedings of the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 2022.


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