AI Assistant for Process Plant Operations

AI-based Decision Assistant for Process Plant Operations (ADAPPO or Plant Assistant in short) is an applied research project conducted as a collaboration between GippLab and eschbach GmbH funded by ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand) run by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

NLP-driven Plant Assistant aims at creating a tool that supports plant operators at their daily operations on a industrial processing plant. The Plant Assistant aggregates knowledge and experience from logged plant operations and provides fast, efficient, and interactive feedback when users need solutions to encountered problems. A goal of the project is to leverage the recent advances in NLP to tailor language models towards domain-specific text data of multiple languages with uneven data quality, data scarcity, and lack of annotated sources.

Plant Assistant involves the following NLP research and tasks:

  • Domain adaptation of language models
  • Down-stream models in low resource setup
  • Semantic document similarity
  • Semantic information retrieval
  • Information extraction
  • Text classification
  • Coreference resolution
  • Self-adapted clustering
  • Text summarization
  • Text time series analysis

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The AI/NLP team lead by Dr. Christian Matt, CEO Andreas Eschbach, COO Veit Hora together and Anastasia Zhukova from GippLab celebrating the Game Changer Award 2023 for their Smart Search for Process Industry