Complete your thesis research in Canada while getting paid

Research Visits at the National Research Council Canada (NRC) in Ontario, CA

The GippLab cooperates with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) to offer master, Ph.D., and post-doctorate students paid research stays in Ontario (generously supported by the DAAD).

  • Who’s eligible: Master, Ph.D., and Postdocs enrolled at the University of Göttingen and (for master and Ph.D. students) have successfully completed at least one of our master-level courses.
  • Duration: usually 6 months (3 months are theoretically possible, but not recommended)
  • Project topics: collaboratively decided by supervisors at the University of Göttingen and the NRC, working on own master’s or Ph.D. project can be possible
  • Want to learn more? See our FAQ (below) or email Bela Gipp.


Who is eligible to go to the NRC?

Master’s & Ph.D. students. Ph.D. with a project in place; master with a thesis project.

How long can I stay at NRC?

3 to 6 months. We recommend 6, as anything shorter might hinder your project development.

Do we need any special letters of invitation for Visa purposes?
Yes, you will get the entire contract/letter. Invitations are subject to the NSW’s ability to obtain and retain a reliable security clearance before arrival. They must comply with all related immigration requirements as they apply to their country of residence.

Do I need a special visa to go to NRC?

Yes. All Visitors require a work permit as they are conducting NRC research (i.e., work). Therefore, NRC would require an approved LMIA or appropriate exemption codes (C31 may work in certain situations). NRC would submit the request to IRCC. They then issue a request number that the NSWs use to apply for the work permit.

What space/access can NRC offer?

Office space with access to the internet. Usually, their offices are shared between 1-2 people.

Do I require any clearance to enter NRC?

Yes. Security clearances must be confirmed before they can access NRC facilities. Your advisor at NRC should take care of this by the time you arrive.

Would it be possible to get a certificate or letter after completing the internship?

Yes. They can undoubtedly write something appropriate on NRC letterhead and have it signed. There is, indeed, no formal process.

How many students are allowed to come at the same time?

There is no actual limit; this is more of a space restriction.

Does NRC provide any lodging during your stay?

No, lodging is your responsibility. You can always get tips on where to stay with your advisor or students that stayed there before you.

When should I start my preparations?

Since the security and visa processes can be lengthy, we recommend starting the process at least 4-5 months before the actual start date.

How does the developed IP during my NRC visit work?

The goal is to jointly publish a paper with your NRC advisor and your supervisors/collaborators in Göttingen.

A critical nuance on the volunteer visitor status is that copyright on papers is not part of the IP clause, it is just about patents, so it might not affect our line of work. It is the most straightforward path. Here is the exact text one would have to agree to:

“Except for copyright in work authored by the Volunteer Visitor, the Volunteer Visitor and the Sponsoring Organization hereby assign to NRC all rights to any invention or intellectual property created by the Volunteer Visitor in the course of the Volunteer Activity (wherever performed) and agree to sign all relevant documentation. The Volunteer Visitor and the Sponsoring Organization further agree to sign all relevant intellectual property protection documentation as NRC may request from time to time. The Volunteer Visitor and Sponsoring Organization acknowledge that they have no ownership interest in the said invention or intellectual property.”