Designing Chemical Feature Analysis for Chemists


Designing Chemical Feature Analysis for Chemists Background Scientists use recommender systems to quickly find the most relevant scientific literature in their field. However, in the chemistry domain, chemists are not only interested in textual relevance, but also want to find and make sense of chemical formulas contained in the literature. For example, [...]

Optical Character Recognition for math formulae (MathOCR)


AI Solving Background The extent of mathematics literature is estimated to be more than 120 million pages. However, the majority of them are not available in a machine-processable format. Hence, valuable mathematical content cannot be used by today's technologies for developing models capable of doing math-related tasks. There are MathOCR tools such [...]

AI Solving


AI Solving Background With the digital era and the need to communicate complex information quickly and concise, emojis are used to abbreviate otherwise lengthy textual descriptions. Due to higher resolutions, emojis evolved into rich and detailed graphics for a large variety of use cases. The sheer number of existing graphics motivated emoji [...]

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