AI Solving


The extent of mathematics literature is estimated to be more than 120 million pages. However, the majority of them are not available in a machine-processable format. Hence, valuable mathematical content cannot be used by today’s technologies for developing models capable of doing math-related tasks. There are MathOCR tools such as MathPix, InftyReader, etc. However, they are commercial and not evaluated for their performance. In this project, you will work on an OCR tool capable of converting math equations from PDF or image to machine-processable forms such as LaTeX or MathML. You will work on neural networks capable of detecting math symbols and the structure of math formulae. You can choose either theory or applied track for this project.


  • Develop a MathOCR.


  • Textual and non-textual elements detection from a PDF or an Image input.
  • Math symbol identification.
  • Formula structure recognition using computationally inexpensive methods.
  • Evaluate MathOCR methods on mathematical formulae of varied complexity.