Cornelius Ihle

Doctoral Researcher

Industrial Ph.D. candidate at Daimler AG

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Cornelius works on distributed systems, incentive mechanisms, and privacy-preserving technology. Prior to embarking on his Ph.D. research, Cornelius received a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from the Munich University of Applied Sciences. He graduated with a Master’s Thesis on distributed role-based access control. Since then, he held a position at Mercedes Benz. Through his work on UAV communication systems at ESG, he started appreciating the superior resilience of distributed structures and shortly after became a decentralization advocate. Since then, he has been involved in decentralization projects in the automotive industry and contributed to the field of distributed identity management and distributed similarity detection.


Cornelius Ihle focuses on decentralised systems that can be used to detect copyright infringements and plagiarisms in the corporate and academic sector. His goal is to remove barriers in the Open Science and Open Source community and promote a sharing community within academia and his affiliated company.

Research Topics:

  • Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Decentralised Storage
  • Content Addressed Filesystems
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs)


I always have an open ear for research ideas within my field and gladly supervise your thesis project. If my expertise is needed for your next paper, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Cornelius Ihle

Papendiek 14
37073 Göttingen

Office: SUB Historic Building 0.211
Phone: +49 17662898929

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06/2022 – present

Researcher and Software Engineer
Scientific Information Analytics Group, University of Göttingen, Germany / Mercedes Benz AG, Stuttgart, Germany

07/2018 – 04/2022

Doctoral Researcher
Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany / Data & Knowledge Engineering Group, University of Wuppertal, Germany

01/2017 – 06/2017

Industrial Engineering, M.Eng.
Universidade de Vigo, Vigo, Spain

03/2016 – 05/2018

Systems Engineering, M.Eng.
University of Applied Sciences Munich, Munich

07/2013 – 12/2013

Computer Science, B.Sc.
Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

03/2012 – 01/2016

Computer Science and Media, B.Sc.
University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Stuttgart