Student Project: RemoteID

Student project in the Advanced FPV Quadcopter Course WiSe 23/24 by Frederik Hennecke


RemoteID for drones is a system designed to provide identification and location information about drones in real-time. It helps enhance safety and security by enabling authorities and other airspace stakeholders to monitor drone activity and identify operators when necessary. This project is about creating a standalone tool to broadcast the RemoteID for drones.

This project was developed during the winter semester of 2023/24 as part of the FPV Advanced Course (6 C).


This project focuses on developing an open-source implementation of RemoteID for the T-Beam board, aiming to enhance the safety and accountability of drone operations. By providing a comprehensive RemoteID solution, this project contributes to the open-source community and fosters a deeper understanding of drone functionalities and regulatory compliance.

RemoteID is a critical component of modern drone regulation that enhances safety and accountability in the skies. It enables drones to broadcast identification and location information in real-time, allowing authorities and other airspace stakeholders to monitor drone activity. By providing vital data such as drone operator information, flight path, and telemetry, RemoteID helps mitigate risks and promotes responsible drone operation within regulatory frameworks. The project consists of two main components: a C++ implementation for the T-Beam board and a Kotlin Android app for changing settings via Bluetooth.

Main Features:

  • Easy installation setup for a RemoteID module using PlatformIO.
  • The settings, like Operator ID, drone type, …, can be changed by editing a small configuration file –
  • – or by using an Android app, which can be installed with Android Studio.