Docear Version 1.0 is out now. We’ve added several new features and made many improvements over the past few months.

What is Docear?

Docear is an open-source software for literature management that is tailored to the needs of students, researchers, and academics. Docear bundles multiple tools for academic literature and knowledge management into a single interface. The software combines a mind-mapping tool with a recommender system for academic literature and a reference manager.

The mind maps allow users to organize their ideas and to import the annotations they made while reading PDFs, e.g., comments, highlights, or bookmarks. Docear works with standard PDF annotations and thus can be used with different PDF viewers.

Docear helps researchers with:

  • Organizing thoughts and annotations (mind map)
  • Creating new documents (exporting outlines from mind map)
  • Finding new academic literature (recommender system)

Docear is free and open source and offers many additional features. Please visit for details.