We are delighted to announce that André Greiner-Petter has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled ‘‘Making Presentation Math Computable’’ this January, 2022. Congratulations, André!

In his thesis, André researched and developed a context-sensitive approach for translating mathematical expressions from LATEX to the syntax of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS). In doing so, he made three primary contributions to the Math Information Retrieval (MathIR) field. First, he developed an approach that semantically enhanced LATEX expressions with sufficient semantic information to enable a translation into CAS syntax. Second, he demonstrated this novel approaches in the first context-aware LATEX-to-CAS translation framework, named LACAST. Third, he proposed a novel approach for evaluating the performance for LATEX-to-CAS translations on large-scaled datasets with an automatic verification of equations in digital mathematical libraries.

The fundamental approaches to semantically enhance mathematics developed in his thesis advance a range of MathIR tasks. For example, the large-scale analysis of mathematical notations and the studies on math-embeddings motivated new approaches for math plagiarism detection systems, search engines, and they allow type assistance for mathematical inputs. LACAST translations will soon find their way into upcoming versions of the DLMF and Wikipedia.

Andre will closely collaborate with our group as he begins his Postdoc research in Japan. He will also continue to work out of the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo.

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